The mix diesel fuel

  Receiption of the mix diesel fuel

   The process of receiption of the mix diesel fuel practically differs nothing from process of receiption of the mix gasoline except type of additives, their preparation and strict observance of more hard temperature modes of process of mixing (the device of mixing of additives of diesel fuel «УСПДТ-2» see more low).


   Installation service

     For giving of a basic component (both gasoline, and diesel fuel) the pumps H1 and Н2 can be used. They are completely interchangeable and in case of failure of one of them, the same remained pump it is possible to receive serially both the mix gasoline, and the mix diesel fuel. The dosing pumps are interchangeable also.

  For service of installation there are enough 2 operators. Into their duties enters:

  • data input in the management computer;

  • the switching of the installation from one process of mixing of one kind of motor fuel to another;

  • the checking of level in storage volumes of raw materials, additives and a ready product;

  • loading of additives in storage volume and distribution of additives;

  • service of knots and units of the device of mixing.

  Terms of manufacturing

  Terms of manufacturing by "turn-key" from 2 till 3 months. The price of installations depends on quantity of the components, demanded productivity and application conditions.



  For minimisation of financial losses of the oil refining factory based on a principle of atmospheric distillation of oil, during its work on receiption of winter kinds of diesel fuel, it is unique the true decision is the introduction of the depressant additives to the primary diesel fuel which correspond to parametres of "summer" fuel, first of all on such parametres, as temperature of turbidity and temperature of freezing.

  For the decision of a formulated task we were oriented on the device of mixing of components in hydromechanical knot of mixing with delivery of components (additives) by means of dosing pumps depending on the expense of a basic component.

   Feature of application of the depressant and other additives to diesel fuel is what in normal states these additives are in the jelly-like condition. In this case conditions of mixing the additives with diesel fuel demand temperature of additives on 15-20°С above, than at diesel fuel; the diesel fuel temperature is 40-50°С. At preliminary mixing of an additive with diesel fuel to concentration of 25-30 % it is possible to conduct mixing at 20°С. In this case, it is obvious, would be optimal to organise process of mixing during swapping of primary diesel fuel from the intermediate storage volume into commodity park, while the primary diesel fuel still is warm, even during winter time.

   With the account of the specified features of additives to diesel fuel was developed the device of mixing of additives of diesel fuel "УСПДТ-2", which has productivity on ready diesel fuel till 10 m3/hour with possibility of delivery till 2 additives. All knots of the device take places on a platform the area 2,3х6 m.

  All work on mixing of additives of diesel fuel is completely automated, is only necessary for operators to change periodically barrels with additives in "thermoglasses" (barrels of the different size can be used: for example 170 or 200 litres).


The block diagramme is presented on fig. 2

 The description of work of device "УСПДТ-2"

  The device works as follows:

  1. Operators place 2 barrels with additives in special "thermoglasses" in which by means of heating cables the temperature, for example, nearby 70С (for delivery of depressant additives) is supported.

  2. Heated additive, for example П1, periodically moving by the gear-driven pump (НШ1 or НШ2) to capacity of preliminary mixing with diesel fuel in a proportion providing concentration of an additive for example in 30 %. Also basic diesel fuel here moves. Qualitative mixing of additive П1 and diesel fuel is provided with continuous circulation of both components in capacity of preliminary mixing through the device of mixing by work of the gear-driven pump. The additive of diesel fuel П1 in concentration of 30 % - П1/30 as a result turns out. Capacities of preliminary mixing are thermostable by means of heating cables.

  3. Data on percentage and on quantity of the additives delivering into basic diesel fuel are entering into the computer of management which is in a premises of management of technological process of mixing (the operational). For example it depressant additive П1/30. (Data on introduction of those or other additives the engineer-chemist or the technologist gives in compliance with the regulations.)

  4. After inclusion of the pump of giving of diesel fuel into commodity park, on a control panel data about the expense of diesel fuel from the liquid meter of diesel fuel in the form of electric impulses start to arrive. Electromechanical management of dosing pumps НД1, НД2 establishes the necessary expense of the mix additives and issues a command for delivery of additives. Then there is an inclusion of corresponding dosing pumps НД1, НД2. Qualitative mixing of components of fuels is provided in special passive hydromechanical knot of mixing УС.

  Installation service

   For giving of diesel fuel and additives in capacity of preliminary mixing pumps H1 and Н2 are used. They are completely interchangeable. The dosing pumps Д1 and Д2 are interchangeable also.

  For service of installation there are enough 2 operators. Into their duties enters:

  • data input in the management computer;

  • loading barrels with additives in "thermoglasses" of the device;

  • ensuring of storage conditions of additives in a warehouse;

  • service of knots and units of the device of mixing.

  Terms of manufacturing

  Manufacturing term - 2 months. Assemblage, starting-up, adjustment works and personnel training – 0,5 month.


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