The device of mixing

The device of mixing of components of the motor fuels (“УСКМТ 36/6”)

     For receiption of modern motor fuels it is impossible to do without mixture of base components (diesel fuel and gasolines, for example straight-run gasoline) with various additives. For gasolines it is connected, first of all, with increasing of the octane number, for diesel fuels - with the temperature of flash in closed crucible and with the temperature of freezing.

    For the decision of a formulated task we were oriented on installations of mixing of components in hydromechanical knot of mixing with delivery of components (additives) by means of a dosing pumps depending on the expense of a base component.


Depending on a formulated goals (mixture of gasolines, mixture of gasolines and diesel fuels, mixture of diesel fuels) have appeared some base technical decisions:

  1. The typical knot of mixing on several components (for example on 6 components "УСКМТ 36/6") - the description is resulted more low.

  2. Mixing of components of diesel fuel. Because of features of conditions of mixing of components of diesel fuel (storage at +15°С and mixing at +20°С) is better to place the knot of mixing on installation of primary distillation of oil and to conduct process of mixing during swapping of primary diesel fuel from the intermediate storage volume into commodity park, while the primary diesel fuel still is warm, even during winter time.

  The description of work of the typical device

  The device of mixture of components of motor fuels by productivity till 36 m3/hour on a base component (for example, straight-run gasoline or diesel fuel) and with possibility of delivering till 6 additives - "УСКМТ 36/6" - is intended for the mixing of basic motor fuel with the additives improving the operational and consumer properties of fuels.


Appearance of the device is presented on fig. 1


The structure of the device of the mixing includes following basic knots and units:

  1. Electrical pumping unit 1АСВН-80 - 2 pieces.

  2. Unit of electrical pumping and dosing НД 2,5 4000/4 К14В - 8 pieces.

  3. Ultrasonic liquid meter - 8 pieces.

  4. Electromechanical control valve - 1 piece.

  5. Collector of delivering of components of mixing - 1 piece.

  6. Knot of hydromechanical mixing - 1 piece.

  7. Gate valve 30с41нж Ду80 - 9 pieces

  8. Ball-plug valve - 12 pieces.

  9. Inverted valve - 8 pieces.

  10. Supporting frame - 2 pieces.

  11. Lattice filter - 8 pieces.

  12. Electromechanical gate-valve - 6 pieces.

  13. Manometer - 8 pieces.

  14.   Receiption of the mix gasoline

   Data on percentage and on quantity of the additives delivering into basic gasoline are entering into the computer of management which is in a premises of management of technological process of mixing (the operational). For example it is additives П1, П2, П3 and П4. After inclusion of the pump of giving of basic gasoline Н1, on a control panel data about the expense of raw materials from counter С1 start to arrive. The electromechanical valve of management К1 establishes the necessary expense of raw materials and then the operator issues a command for delivery of additives. Then there is an inclusion of corresponding dosing pumps Д1, Д2, Д3 and Д4 (on a minimum level of giving of a product). On a control panel and the management computer data about the expense of raw materials from corresponding liquid meters СД1, СД2, СД3 and СД4 start to arrive. The management computer starts to regulate of giving of dosing pumps so that data from liquid meters C1, СД1, СД2, СД3 and СД4 provided the setting valuation of additives in basic gasoline, i.e. proportion П1, П2, П3 and П4. Qualitative mixing of components of fuels is provided in special passive hydromechanical knot of mixing УГС. Data about volume of the finished goods which have arrived on a finished-products storage arrive from the liquid meters С2 and are fixed in a database of the computer of management.

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