The mix diesel fuel

  Receiption of the mix diesel fuel

   The process of receiption of the mix diesel fuel practically differs nothing from process of receiption of the mix gasoline except type of additives, their preparation and strict observance of more hard temperature modes of process of mixing (the device of mixing of additives of diesel fuel «УСПДТ-2» see more low).

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The device of mixing

The device of mixing of components of the motor fuels (“УСКМТ 36/6”)

     For receiption of modern motor fuels it is impossible to do without mixture of base components (diesel fuel and gasolines, for example straight-run gasoline) with various additives. For gasolines it is connected, first of all, with increasing of the octane number, for diesel fuels - with the temperature of flash in closed crucible and with the temperature of freezing.

    For the decision of a formulated task we were oriented on installations of mixing of components in hydromechanical knot of mixing with delivery of components (additives) by means of a dosing pumps depending on the expense of a base component.

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Oil-installations “C-4x”-series

Installations refining series "C41/xx» cyclone designed to separate the condensed hydrocarbon (oil, gas condensate, or a mixture thereof) into fractions and, in particular, can be used to produce from 2 to 4 oil in different combinations by boiling scale.

Capacity of a mini refinery is from 10 to 1000 thousand. Tons / year oil refining.

The number of conditioned hours per year - 8000.

Installations have one or more production lines, depending on performance.


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Oil-installations are intended for division of hydrocarbonic raw-materials (a gas condensate, oil) on several fractions: 3 - for receiption of such oil products, as black oil, diesel fuel, straight-run gasoline; 4 - for additional receiption ligroin; 5 or 6 -for receiption of additional solvents. At the heart of technology of fractional division of oil in our installations the unbalanced approach realised by means of devices of separators-evaporators of cyclonic type lays. The method and the device are patented!


WR technology


Since 2005 a new oil refining method and oil-refining plants based on this method have been brought into practice and successfully applied.

The method is conventionally called the whirl refinery – WR technology. The unconventional method is featured by very good ecological properties (as opposed to classical methods there is no need in discharge of waste liquids – oil sludge because they are not produced!). Air emissions are identical to exhausts of internal combustion engines. The method for refining of hydrocarbons is based on flash evaporation and step-by-step cooling at each refining stage. The new feature is use of cyclone separators/evaporators for separation into vapor phase and liquid phase at all refining stages. They are designed not only to ensure high-efficient separation of vapor and liquid phases through whirling motion, but also to efficiently restrict exit of vapors of heavy fractions along with vapors of light fractions to the next refining stage. Therefore, the implemented approach is based on the gas-dynamic solution of the problem associated with fractioning of hydrocarbons.

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