Oil-installations “C-4x”-series

Installations refining series "C41/xx» cyclone designed to separate the condensed hydrocarbon (oil, gas condensate, or a mixture thereof) into fractions and, in particular, can be used to produce from 2 to 4 oil in different combinations by boiling scale.

Capacity of a mini refinery is from 10 to 1000 thousand. Tons / year oil refining.

The number of conditioned hours per year - 8000.

Installations have one or more production lines, depending on performance.





 The structure of each unit consists of topping materials unit, which provides:

  1. diesel performance complies with GOST on flash point for any raw materials (oil, gas condensate)
  2. pressure drop naphtha vapors
  3. dehydration (water to 7.8% in the feed)
  4. desalting ill-prepared raw material.

To cool the oil products produced at the facility used units of air cooling.


The tubular heat exchangers provide pre-heating of oil flowing in a tube furnace.


The heating furnace is a tubular furnace gases generated in the combustion chamber during combustion of liquid or gaseous fuel. Spraying liquid fuel is carried out by mechanical injectors liquid burners. A liquid fuel burner is fed by means of pumps from intermediate E1 fuel storage tank. (Before you start installing the tank must be filled with the starting fuel).


Quantity of attendants: 2 persons in 1 shift.

Manufacturing term (assembling of all instrument design of oil-installation on a platform of the executor) - 4 months.

Assemblage, starting-up, adjustment works and personnel training on a platform of the customer - 3 months.

Assemblage, starting-up and adjustment works and personnel training are included into delivery cost.

  Delivery conditions:

the advance payment - 60 %;

after oil-installation manufacturing - 30 %;

after starting-up, training of the personnel and signing of the Certificate of delivery-acceptance - 10 %.



The scheme of oil-installation “C-41” 
The scheme of oil-installation “C-44”
 C41-20  44 500







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